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"Biblical Spellin Compliance

Why We Leave Out "-ng"

Exodus 23:13

...make no mention of the name of other spiritual beins, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth.

Yng, Yngve, or Yngvi was a forebear of the Ynglins. Ynglins are a family of the fallen ones, the hidden ones, who have interbred with the royalty of Earth.

Their dynasty moved into a part of what is now Norway, and gradually colonized that, which later became England. Their followers tacked the name of Yng onto the ends of some words, so as to be speakin the name of Yng in their everyday speech.

Take note, that in languages related to English, called "Germanic" languages, the "-ng" endin does not happen.

Instances are German, Old Norse, Swedish, Danish, and Frisian. The reason I believe is because of the deification of the fallen one, Yng, by the followers of the Ynglin dynasty.

Therefore we forego the inclusion of the "-ng" endin wherever it can be done without becloudin the point.

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